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Software & Technology

Aoife’s experience has been drawn from her work with several technology firms which means that there is little in this field that she has not encountered, allowing her to provide a unique service to her clients. Aoife is well versed in drafting and negotiating commercial contracts in the technology sector ranging from the first suite of contracts in a start up to the large scale contracts in larger firms. Her clients attest to her ability in this field. Tech Law Services can advise you on any of the following contracts: Licensing Agreements, IP Assignments, SaaS Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Outsourcing Contracts, End User Licence Agreements, Employment Contracts, Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Re-seller and Agency Agreements, Technology Transfer Agreements, Research and Development Agreements, Support and Maintenance contracts, Cloud Computing Agreements and Service Level Agreements.

Data Protection

Protection and use of data and compliance with national and international privacy regulations has become an increasingly complex and core element to the business of many tech companies. It is however an important part of your business which must be dealt with in a comprehensive manner, preferably by designing your services with compliance in mind, to ensure customers trust in the integrity of the services you provide, including the assurance that those in your supply chain are also compliant. Tech Law Services can assist you in ensuring compliance by auditing your company and examining how you and your service providers process and hold secure personal data obtained. We can then devise a system to ensure that any use of personal data is compliant with ever changing legal requirements and best practice. This will provide you with the confidence that you and your suppliers are using your customer's personal data (and that of your employees and contractors) appropriately and minimise the likelihood of and the impact of any data breach. Being able to demonstrate the adoption of best practice to your customers will pre-empt any concerns they might have, and will help you win new business ahead of your competitors.

Tech Law Services will ensure that your company is compliant with current data protection legislation as well as ensuring that you will be ready to comply with the new European Regulations currently being debated in the EU Institutions. These laws, when they come into force, will impose a strict regime of penalties on those companies who are not compliant.

As part of any data protection audit, we will ensure that the following areas will be reviewed to ensure compliance with current data protection legislation and best practice;

  • Your companies use of personal data;
  • Your obligations as an employer vis a vis personnel;
  • Privacy Policies;
  • Data Protection and Security Policies;
  • Transfers of Data internationally;
  • Cookie requirements;
  • Subject Access Requests and how to deal with such requests;
  • Cloud hosting arrangements;
  • Outsourcing arrangements;
  • Registration requirements under the Acts; and
  • Data Processing arrangements.

We can provide bespoke training for employees who deal with data. We can also act as your outsourced Data Protection Office or can train your appointed Data Protection Officer.

Commercial Agreements

Drafting and negotiating commercial contracts is undeniably an important issue for your business. Ensuring the most appropriate contract is negotiated, with the most favourable business terms whilst protecting your interests, will undoubtedly be a factor contributing to the success of your business. As well as drafting and negotiating bespoke agreements, we can assist you in drafting a suite of standard template contracts, from our extensive library of precedents, which you can rollout across your business. We can also help review complex contracts proposed by your customer or supplier.

We can also help you by auditing your existing suite of contracts which may have evolved over the years with lots of inconsistent "add ons". We can critically review these contracts to identify areas of risk and advise how best to mitigate these risks.

The following is a non-exhaustive list of the type of contracts we can assist you with; Licensing Agreements, IP Assignments, SaaS Agreements, Consultancy Agreements, Outsourcing Contracts, End User Licence Agreements, Supply of Services Agreements, Supply of Goods Agreements, Confidentiality and Non-Disclosure Agreements, Reseller, Distribution and Agency Agreements, Technology Transfer Agreements, Research and Development Agreements, Support and Maintenance contracts, Cloud Computing Agreements, Hosting Agreements, Website Terms and Conditions, Marketing Agreements and more generally Employment Contracts.

Intellectual Property

When your company creates a new product, whether it is a SaaS solution or a game or an App, in order for you to capitalise and monetise this product you must ensure that your intellectual property rights are properly commercialised and protected. Tech Law Services are experts at maximising the potential of your intellectual property while ensuring it is protected and secure.

The following are some of the ways in which we can assist you: Devising an IP strategy, drafting IP clauses in agreements, Licensing Agreements, IP Assignment Agreements, acquisition and protection of IP rights, protection of IP and other confidential information in employment or services contracts and trademark strategy.

Outsourcing & Cloud Computing

Outsourcing services has become a large part of today's business market and whether you seek to outsource work or to become the outsourced services provider, you need the peace of mind that all eventualities are covered. Tech Law Services have been providing such services whether it is reviewing or drafting these contracts.

One growth area of outsourcing is the use of cloud. Tech Law Services has helped its clients to overcome these often complex difficulties in a practical and efficient manner. We have the experience of drafting and negotiating these complex contracts to ensure that the implementation of such arrangements runs smoothly and effectively.

Negotiation Support

Negotiating contracts can be very time consuming. If your company has no in-house legal personnel, it can take up the valuable time of senior staff, distracting them from the task of growing the business. Even if your company has in-house legal personnel, periodically they may be overburdened and require additional flexible support.

We can help you by advising you on negotiating strategies. We can also assist by being a member of your "deal team" or by leading the negotiations on your behalf.


In the fast pace of change in the tech sector today, staff need to be equipped to best handle the legal complexities they encounter in their day-to-day work. We provide training for many business functions in a way that is tailored to meet the demands of your unique business. Training can be provided in modules and at times that best suit your staff. Please contact us if you would like to discuss your training requirements